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You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

On Wednesday 15th August ABC will air an episode of You Can't Ask That on the topic of Schizophrenia. The show features people with a lived experience of schizophrenia answering tough questions which have been submitted by the public. You can check it out by tuning into the ABC on the night. 


This is a space to keep the conversation going and will be open for comments on Wednesday 15th!


Self care: Please take care when watching the show. If at any time you're feeling triggered, give yourself permission to step away and take a break. And of course if at any time you need to talk with a counsellor or require crisis support, please reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.  


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Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

Hi everyone and a special shout out to @Appleblossom @Queenie @greenpea @Sophia1 who liked this post for a reminder 


This thread has been inspired by the ABC television show, You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia - which will air tonight 9pm AEST. You can also stream the episode via ABC iviewSANE Ambassadors Sandy and Hannah are two of the brave people who share what it’s like to live with schizophrenia in tonight’s episode.


Sandy and Hannah have shared why they took part in the program on our SANE blog. Sandy also shared more about living with schizophrenia on Triple J Breakfast yesterday morning ahead of her TV appearance.


When struggling with a mental illness, we can all come across some difficult questions from people that can be upsetting, offensive or even well intended but trigger us none the less. You may have also recieved interesting questions you hadn't expected but have made you think or you have appreciated.


What interesting or uncomfortable questions have people asked you about your diagnosis and what might they have been able to ask instead? This is a peer to peer discussion, so feel free to respond to each other as you share. 


Please also be mindful of our community guidelines when posting certain questions you have recieved. If you feel triggered at any point please take the time to reach out to a crisis support like lifeline as mentioned above. 

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

Looking forward to seeing tonight's "You Can't Ask That". And good on the people who put themselves on the frontline as ambassadors for Mental Illness and life.

A question my mum who never understood my diagnosis and saw it as some kind of reflection on her (despite the fact I am adopted!) 
"How can you be mentally ill you are so clever?"

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

I'm really looking forward to watching tonight's episode! I managed to tune in to one of their earlier episodes about suicide and thought it was interesting, insightful and very relevant.

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia


I am looking forward to watching the programme...

I am recording it so will watch it probably tomorrow afternoon....

I will also read the comments ....


Sandy, Hannah and others living with schizophrenia ....I commend you for your bravery in a world where there is still so little known about the illness....

I have so many questions that my mind now will not even allow me to remember one of them...


questions re not remember being asked any...


have received plenty of advice from family members finding out after my being in hospital:


don't think about things so much

forget about the past

stop worrying..

life is just have to get on with it....


what would I like to be asked:


how are you?  can I help in any way? would you like some company?


As I wrote those simple questions....which seem to me automatic...tears flow...


I think that speaks realms..





Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

Being watching every week of you can't say that @Lauz, @Margot, @Sophia1, @Queenie, @MoonGal

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

Have you found the programmes helpful Shaz?

I have to say I did not get past the title..

I thought that they were more of those dreadful reality programmes...

I might have a look at iview now and see if there are any that have not yet expired..

How does Mr Shaz enjoy them?


Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia


Thank you so much for reminding me

Series 1 is still available..

watching now..

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

hello @Sophia1

I have found them interesting  and also my cousin has schizophrenia

Mr shaz has watched some but his anxiety goes up very high with different topics , and he can not watch them

Re: You Can't Ask That: Schizophrenia

I responded well to the "You can't ask that" program.


I felt there was a line in the sand, if you will: that if you cross it, you may never be sure how far from the coast you end up.

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