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Re: Introduce yourself here

@Sunnyblue, @Zeb , @Sandy16  how are you today xx

we are here for you , you are no alone my friends

you are welcome to start your own thread with your story  and we are happy to help you

remember to put a @ in front of our names like @Darcy , @Shaz51  so we canhelp you xxxx


Re: Introduce yourself here


I have a 28 year old son with schizophrenia diagnosed about 7 years ago and suffering some years before that. He lives at home with us (my husband and daughter). He takes his medicine, studies, is learning to drive, enjoys cooking.

He has recently been accepted into the NDIS and we are struggling to implement his plan with him. Today's piece in the Conversation talked about some of the issues and really resonated. I am hoping to discuss NDIS plan implementation and management issues. I think it would be great if we could make this work.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Everyone,

I'm joining this forum as my husband has depression and a bad temper, and I'm looking for an anonymous support system. I spend a lot of time on my own and don't like to share too much with family and friends, although they are all aware and supportive I just choose to sometimes pretend that everything is fine. 

We've recently moved and I was hoping that a change of lifestlye would be a positive but nothing has changed, he is really struggling and unhappy and I'm at a loss now, also feeling like my marriage may not be worth my own mental health even though I really love my husband I don't want to be dragged down into a pit of negativity all the time....

I'm going to have a look around the forum topics and hope you all don't mind me joining in. Thanks in advance xox


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi I am 60 and my wonderful 33 y.o. daughter has been diagnosed with depression. She has had 3 suicide attempts. These came as a big shock to me. How could I missed the signs? I am still working and I don't live in the same city as her. I try to be supportive emotionally and financially and sometimes this is helpful for her. At other times she withdraws, gets angry and blames me. She is now working and seeing a therapist regularly. Good news.

I feel terrible that this is happening to her and very helpless. I also wonder where I went wrong.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hello and welcome to the forum @Magnolia1 , @sophie6 , @GWB , @Zeb 

you are not alone my friends xx

You can open a new discussion and share your story so others can reply to your story


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @GWB , welcome,

My 31 year old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia about 2 years ago. He lives away from me and my partner (his father passed away in 2004). We had some violence issues a few years back...although we still see each other a few times a week, I help with lifts, shopping, washing etc. He has his licence, but no car.

It sounds like your son is doing very well, you must be proud of him!

I was interested to know how the NDIS will work for you and what you might expect from it. I have been thinking about making enquiries for my son, but not sure what they can actually do?

Be great to hear your opinions.

Cheers Libra xo


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi @Libra . Our son is doing well, he is compliant with his medicine, and we certainly are proud of him. We hope that with the help of the NDIS we will build his independence and help him to achieve some goals including gaining his driving licence, finishing a graduate diploma, getting a job, moving out of home, staying healthy. Things that young men of his age might expect but he finds harder and it is exhausting supporting him to achieve these goals. We are also finding it exhausting to establish his NDIS plan - it is necessarily constrained by rules - there are lots of acronyms and codes - we are getting there. Our son is fully involved but he would not be able to manage the NDIS without our support I think but once established I think it will gather momentum for him and he will have more people to help him, not just parents and sister. The help will focus on achieving goals not just survival but if needs be survival - help with day to day things - can also be supported from outside the family if the family can't be there for him or at least help the family to support him.


Re: Introduce yourself here

Thanks for your reply @GWB , that's a bit of an insight for me.

I find it exhausting too, trying to do and arrange everything for my son, and I do it on my own. At the moment I have been trying to communicate with public housing...a nightmare! His doctor, case manager and I are trying to get him on the priority list for housing (as he currently lives in a share house and it is not nice). The hospital has sent documents to NSW Housing, stating his mental health and his inability to look for private rentals but the NSW Housing say that they haven't received has been almost a year and everytime I call, they have another story or can't find a file. Then they suggest I call this person, and they tell me to call someone else. Everyone seems to pass the buck. My son isolates himself and just stays in a room day in, day out, sharing a bathroom and kitchen. It's very hard for him.

I worry like you, that our sons are young men and need to be out on their own and living their lives, but we can't do it all on our own, we need the communities help.

Thanks for your help, maybe I can put NDIS on my "to do" list...oh no, another thing,lol!

Libra xo


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi All,


Introducing myself here. What has brought me here is my wife has bipolar disorder (she's been diagnosed for 20 years). However i am really struggling at the moment. She has become non-communicative and doesn't have much insight into when she is unwell. As such, i am shut down in the first second if i wan't to discuss anything with her.

I'm hoping to perhaps use this forum as someway to debrief to assist me in coping. 


3 random facts about me is that I love soccer, gaming, and did i mention i love soccer?


Re: Introduce yourself here

Hi Libra....

I sympathise with your situation.

My nearly 35-year-old son has just recently been properly diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia & major Depressive Disorder. We are currently in the throws of applying for the DSP, as he is unable to work now due to his condition. I noticed certain traits from when he was young, but just thought he was shy & found it difficult to communicate with others. Never even crossed my mind that he had mental health condition.

He has worked since he was 17, but in a solitary position where he was able to more or less work on his own. His condtion has become worse in the last 4 years, so has not worked since then. He is also a heavy drinker at times & a constant gambler which means he never has a cent to his name. He moved back in with me 5 years ago, but am now at the stage where I need him to move out as I find the way he lives affects me & my life. I will always love, look out & protect him but need my own space & so does he.

My son also isolates himself in his room, but seems to be fine with it. He has his own ensuite, air-con, internet & Foxtel & the only time he goes out is when he gets his money & blows it in one day on drinking & gambling. I do make him pay rent though. We have discussed him moving out & he appears to be fine with it, but will not move in with anyone as in a share house situation. He will only live by himself, which makes it hard & more expensive. I have also thought about 'public housing', but have heard it takes years for something to come along.

As a parent we never stop worrying about our children & just want them to be happy. I wish you & your son all the best.



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