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where is sane chat?

@Moderator  When will sane chat be open? It's always busy or closed


Re: where is sane chat?

Hi @Hamsolo01,


I'm sorry you've had difficulty accessing the SANE Help Centre Live Chat. Unfortunately, we have been understaffed lately, which has impacted the capacity to deliver such services.


I sincerely hope you are able to get through as soon as possible!


Kindest Regards,


Re: where is sane chat?

Hope you can talk to someone soon @Hamsolo01 , it does seem to be offline an awful lot to Me as well.

Re: where is sane chat?

@Hamsolo01 @Gazza75  yes i agree it is offline most of the time out of the few years i have been on here and at least one of that year i was home most of the time so had it open on my computer i have only seen the chat be online twice the entire time. it is hardly ever avaliable and not just recently it is always been that way which isnt great for people who find phone calls difficult. 

Re: where is sane chat?

I agree totally eith you @Hamsolo01 

@Eden1919 @Gazza75 @Moderator  

I’ve  tried a few times over the past week and nothing. 

Its really hard when you need to chst. 

@Hamsolo01  Hope you’re ok. Pls tag me 

always happy to hrlp out ❤️

Re: where is sane chat?

@Hamsolo01 @BlueBay @Eden1919 @Gazza75 @Amour_Et_Psyché  yes I agree with all of you. I hate talking on the phone and would rather sit back and suffer. I miss the chat so much. Please bring it back. greenpeaxxSmiley Sad

Re: where is sane chat?

Hello all,
As some of you have noticed there may be times when you are unable to log onto the SANE chat service. The SANE Help Centre is open Monday to Friday, 10am–10pm EST, however even during these hours there may be times when the counsellors are all engaged. Please remember that there are a number of other helpline services that also offer online chat and support. You will find details for some of these services along the side of the forums page and there is also a good list of helplines available on the HealthDirect website:


Re: where is sane chat?

Chat has been offline all day today

For urgent assistance, call:


For 24-hour telephone crisis support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14

If life is in danger, call 000