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Suggestion on a change

Hi guys, 

im wondering if it would be worth making the age requirment more visible? im finding there have been quite a few members have been under 18. i had a search even through the internet and its not that obvious that SANE is more intended for those over 18. 

For example a few members have meantioned reachout so i had a quick look , and when you do a search plus click on the site its very clear that the forums are for ages 14-25. The description basically states ' Reachout Forums helps those under 25' where as for SANE you have to physically go searching for it to find this info. 



What are others thoughts?


Re: Suggestion on a change

I didn't know SANE was for over 18's @outlander  {lucky I'm over 50 Smiley Happy}. I wonder why there's an age limit to it, there isn't any age limit to brain process problems? . . . or many of the problems that cause it. But I guess if someone was wanting to talk to those in their own age bracket, it could matter quite a lot & it wouldn't hurt to state things more clearly.

Re: Suggestion on a change

thats because the age isnt that obvious for here lol @Exoplanet
you literally have to search for it to find it.
it may possibly be because there are already young people specific forums which limits more content to what is spoken here. im probably over the line but i kinda like it having more 'adult' friendly.

Re: Suggestion on a change

Hey @outlander  thank you so much for the post. I am going to chat to the team soon and see if we can reflect on the point you've made. I think it's an important one. You're right there are youth specific forums, on our end it's a duty of care thing, but yes you've raised a good point let me chat to the team. Heart

Re: Suggestion on a change

Thanks @nashy  

Im aware it can be quite scary coming  on here and being asked  your age. I was 19 when i came here so i was lucky but it was scary  being asked if i was 18 or over when i first came as well. Hopefully you and team can find a way to make the age more visible to avoid others having to go through the same. Reachout is actually a good example of what im talking  about. A quick google search and the first thing that comes up is the age bracket for that forum.

Re: Suggestion on a change

Good point to bring up @outlander 

hopefully @nashy and the team can work on it. 😊


Re: Suggestion on a change

Hi @Exoplanet @outlander and anyone else interested! Thanks so much for bringing this up outlander. Good feedback for us and a great convo to have. We can certainly work on making our age limit more visible.

There are a few reasons why we're 18+:
- We believe that young people have specific needs and need a specialised service
- We believe ReachOut does an excellent job of servicing young people and don't want to duplicate services. It could be confusing for service users to know where to go.
- We work very closely with ReachOut to refer people between services as appropriate (any under 18s we provide a referral over to ReachOut, and anyone over age they refer to us or any parents with their own MH issues from their parent forum get a referral to us)
- When young people on their forum turn 26 they can be supported to to transition over to us.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any Qs about any of this.

Re: Suggestion on a change

No, no Qs from me just the suggestion to makr the age for visible. You  guys do a great job  here. @s-jay @nashy @Lauz 

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