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MARCH: Community Wrap

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A big shout out to those that supported the last Community wrap! @Razzle @Tortoiseshell @eth @frog @Sam3 @Sherry @Queenie @Adge @Sans911 @Hope4me @Shaz51 @Sophie1 @outlander @Zoe7 @Teej @CheerBear 


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handclapping.png Celebrating members
This month we are celebrating @sas32 in the Lived experience side of the forum, for their awesome and supportive posts. A rgeat example is this one here - it is really wonderful to be there and make people feel less alone in this space. for our carers side, we wanted to thank and celebrate @Dani_Murray for taking such time to share their own insights and experiences to help another member here
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Have your say! Help us plan for the next few years! As we continue to develop, the forums team will work on a plan for the forums through to 2021 to make sure we are continuing to improve and strengthen what we offer the community. To have your say and give us insights and feedback into what this planning could include - fill out the survey here
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In lived experience this month - we don't have a quote as such...rather we wanted to highlight a flashcard instead that @AesopWaits created for themselves to help on bad anxiety days! Check it out here
A beautiful quote from @Smc in carers this month: No-one can tell you for certain that it will get better; we can tell you for sure that you don't need to go it alone. - said here 


If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

Re: MARCH: Community Wrap

Hello all that have supported the March wrap @Hamsolo01 @Queenie @eth @Zoe7 @Teej @CheerBear @frog @Adge @Shaz51 @AesopWaits @Razzle @Sherry @Smc @outlander  

Just an update as we realised we didn't include a new/refreshed/relaunched event!!


What is this event you ask? What's it all about you ask? Click the link below and find out!  


ASK US ANYTHING //Carer Coach //Mon 25 March - Fri 29 March 10am - 5pm AEDT



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