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JUNE: Community Wrap

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Hello all that wanted a reminder of the new Community Wrap! @CheerBear @Queenie @Former-Member @Sans911 @Determined @Teej @Razzle @Appleblossom @The-red-centaur @Hamsolo01 @Sherry @outlander @Faith-and-Hope @Adge @Smc @eth @Shaz51 @Zoe7 


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handclapping.png Celebrating members
In the Lived Experience side of the forums, we are celebrating @Gazza75 for their supportive posts and efforts to engage in many threads such as here and here, it's great to see collaboration with other members on supportive insights. 
For our Carers forum, we are celebrating @greenpea who is always making an effort to welcome new members, get across multiple threads and share their own expreiences to help offer insight for carers which is really valuable such as here and here
PS- if you ever feel like sharing something you would like to celebrate for yourself or shouting out a celebration to another member, check out the Thumbs up Thursday- Woohoo thread!
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Have your say! We want to know what you think about possible trigger/content warnings - check out the thread here and feel free to provide feedback 👍🏼
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Carers forum:
"I've had to learn to realise that she needs to take responsibiilty for her life and not to blame myself when there is friction and to get some emotional distance - but its hard." - this was said by @franklin32 here around a discussion on involuntary treatment
Lived Experience Forum:
"It's hard to be positive and look forward to each day, but I try to look for the one small thing that makes that day just a little OK. If that means you got out of bed and brushed your teeth, that's a win." - said by @Sans911 when discussing tough times here
If you are enjoying reading our monthly wraps - hit the support button and we will notify you when the next one is up!

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