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Forum technical problems

You may have noticed that parts of the Forum are currently off-line.  We are working hard to rectify the problem and hope to have a solution shortly.  In the meantime, you can still access discussions you are participating in through your profile or through email notifications.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties with this on

Kind regards

SANE Forums Team


Re: Forum technical problems

Bumping back into visibility Smiley Happy

Re: Forum technical problems

I'm having trouble replying to @Former-Member and @Faith-and-Hope in the Night Shift thread. The text looks 'greyed out' on the reply page and I am unable to tag them there. Then when I try to 'preview' the message, I get an error page. Looks like this message is working though so I'll reply here instead. Saying thanks for the callout and letting you both know I am okay. Getting out of the flat at least two to three times a week and just got back from a long walk on the beach (first big walk in a long time). Still taking time out from the forum until I work out how I can engage here again without being triggered. Sending kindest wishes to you both, to other forum buddies and to newcomers I haven't yet met. Heart

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Re: Forum technical problems

That's awesome @Mazarita re getting out and the walk. Keep taking care of you, sending hugs💜😊

Re: Forum technical problems

❤@Mazarita .....

Good to hear from you and good to hear your news .... 🎉

Missing you here Hon, but with full understanding that you've gotta take care of yourself in the best way .....

Glad you're enjoying walks, and hope your music is still feeding your heart song .....


Re: Forum technical problems

Looking for somewhere to ask about tech difficulties. I'm having trouble with post options. It doesn't drop down the options when I press. Also, still having problems with support button. Works on some threads, not others. Thanks.

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